We’re in another war for Independence. It may not be widespread or as hot as what most folks think of when it comes to a ‘war’, but make no mistake, we’re there.

There’s a committed side to ideals and values that are contrary to anything that we recognize as Americans. And you’re probably thinking, well, hell, how soon is now? Many get lulled into thinking sides just simply materialize and that’s that. Or that there will be some green light that ‘wakes up the masses’ to the reality of the situation.

Nope. If you ain’t woke yet, there’s little hope for you.

But for those who are wide awake, a number of other questions remain. How do you equip a force? How do you train them? For that matter, how do you even recruit them?

I use the term Mossy Oak Militia in the intro to Radio Contra. The guys who are going to save this nation ain’t wearing the latest and greatest gucci-cam. They’ll be wearing Mossy Oak, Realtree and whatever they get off the surplus store floor. They’re what you’d call the good ol boys, the ones you’d overlook in a Wal Mart, look past everywhere else, and pray they don’t get ticked off at the local tap room.

These are the guys who can skin and eat any game animal and do it for fun. They’ve stood by silently and watched everything they held dear- God, Family, Country- be disrespected and desecrated over and over. These are the boys who have stood back and asked themselves “is it really worth me getting fired from my job and losing all I have?” when increasingly, over and over, that answer is becoming a resounding yes. The people I have coming to classes ain’t a bunch of wannabes. They’re men looking for skills in a dirty war. The war that’s coming. They’re not into posturing at some bullshit rally, because they know that’s pointless, and they’re ready to stand up and actually make it count.

The Declaration of Independence was written by a people who had exhausted all other options. I contend that we are there now. Who controls a people’s history, controls their future. We will fight for it and we are everywhere.

We do what we do out of love for Nation. They do what they do out of hate for it. Know where you stand in history.