Here is a live stream (hat tip to AP Contributor Matt Bracken for the heads up on Gab). I included a few early screenshots, and the top photograph gives some context on the size of CHOP and the location of these particular cameras and what they are facing. I oriented the map to make it work with the camera angles when I was labeling the cameras (hence why the numbers are upside down).

Here is a news article about it:

As you can see in this one, there is an MRAP positioned off to the left at the intersection as well as a two man team on the roof of the liquor store. In the photo below, the MRAP repositioned.

Earlier in the day, they did have a dog out sniffing. I have no idea what kind of dog it was – drug, bomb sniffer, etc – but it was moving around the sidewalks looking for something.

The cameras are occasionally repositioning and zooming in or out, which leads me to believe that they are actively being controlled (there is an apartment complex where the cameras are, so it makes sense). I have it open on a second monitor, so if anything else interesting occurs I will add it below with a time stamp. It is always a good idea to watch these live streams – whether it is a protest or the cops dismantling an “autonomous zone” as you begin to learn how everything and everyone operates.

EDIT: 10:14 EST

From what I can tell, the news media as shown up as cab be seen by the women in the white shirts with a notepad talking to the cops. I think a few scattered protestors are also lingering about. You can clearly see a raised Marxist fist behind the blue and white tents on the wall.

EDIT: 10:38 EST

In case you are unaware of the spicy times that have been occurring in the CHOP Zone that lead to the Mayor’s Declaration of Civil Emergency, here is a nice recap:


EDIT: 11:01 EST

Looks like crews are beginning to dismantle the tents and fortifications they put up. A few bike patrols were also spotted.

EDIT: 11:22 EST

Two additional MRAPS arrived on station, and heavy machinery is now being moved in for the debris. There has also been a gathering of tactical police by those MRAPs – perhaps expecting some kind of push from protestors? The bottom picture shows a crane moving the concrete barriers onto a flatbed.

EDIT: 13:09 EST

Before and after shot of the corner. These are about three hours apart.

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