It’s near-certain the election will not have a happy ending; it’s likely it will be a marker signalling the next phase in creating leftist Utopia or Dystopia – take your pick. Trump wins, the left goes even more berserk. Trump loses, and ‘they’ are out for vengeance. Revenge for what? Losing in ’16. No harm has come to ‘them,’ but the Deplorable People dared to re-write the script and elect someone who actually means what they say, faults and all. But backed once again by government machinery will any Southerner, Trump voter, gun owner, or Christian have a job, credit card or safe place to live?
I repeat for it’s awful emphasis: Will any Southerner, Trump voter, gun owner, or Christian – or YOU –  have a job, credit card, or safe place to live?
Texas from where I write will be better, but even so the question is: “Just how strongly will the governor, local mayors and DA’s stand against the personal pressure guaranteed to be put on them and their families?”

And who will protect ‘our side?” The Argentine experience shows law enforcement becomes a stand-alone body; good in some places, corrupt in others, but loyal only to themselves, and observation of recent events tell a disconcerting tale.

So the question: What’s the aim to guide the strategy which drives the tactics for Our Side?
I can only come up with these: First, survive only and let the rest of the city, state and country go about it’s business.
Second, struggle to preserve the best of the existing order and American values. In other words to ‘conserve’ the status quo.
Third, let the ‘old order’ die it’s death and come up with something better that can inspire the struggle to survive and will to build a future from the ashes.
Actually,  writing this has already helped clarify some things; of course ‘survival’ is baseline, but if as many preppers believe the bad stuff will totally pass them by, it’s unfortunate but that outlook likely provides only a holding action to buy time. There is a tide at work here – and a big one, and it’s much more than a stand-alone wave.
The ‘old order’ is done for: cooked and toasted, time to stick in the fork. Recent events have proven a near-total lack of ‘conservative,’ faith and business leadership, and sadly it really does look like with the exception of a dozen guys the ‘conservatives’ really are USELESS, and actually an embarrassment in whom I had sadly placed mistaken trust.
But sadness while appropriate will NOT win the day. I’d say intelligently guided anger will prove more useful.
So the Big Question becomes what is the aim ‘our side’ wants? What would motivate people beyond the all-important first priority of survival?
Perhaps we need to look at this in levels, e.g. depending on the corresponding levels of  chaos and disruption and seek some kind of balance between what’s happening in our personal areas of influence as well as on the national.
Two books have influenced thinking on this topic; in different but overlapping ways they contextualize current events, the subterranean forces beneath them, and possible ways forward into an uncertain future.
Both works are action ‘fact/fiction’ that operate from the view that while what’s past is past and the present is corrupted beyond repair, much of the American Experiment has real, timeless value. We got it largely right, but didn’t listen to our ‘guts’ when evil started it’s earliest encroachments, so now we pay the price for a messy clean-up.
“We Defy” (written by a Cav Scout officer/historian with hands-on  state and national political experience) paints a story of the crucial importance of local governance in a backdrop of Texas Secession.
“Victoria” (written by a military historian and expert on 4th Generation Warfare) etches a picture of the essential cleansing of cultural Marxism needed to secure any long-lasting peace and prosperity in a post-CW2 America.
And after that read “Victoria.” by Thomas Hobbes.
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