China vows retaliation and imitates a local destruction plan after the US shuts down their consulate in Houston, TX was given 72 hours to shut down. Consulates, for the uninitiated, are smaller offices that work under the larger Embassy of a nation providing services to nationals from that nation in a larger city. Behind the scenes, Consulates are the site of a number of clandestine functions, normally being the local Analysis and Control Element (ACE) for foreign intelligence operations being run in that city.

When a Consulate or Embassy is compromised, a destruction plan follows to make certain the counterintelligence agents (who will be first in the door) searching the remains can’t get anything of value. What follows is that the staff of that office, who are declared to the host nation, are declared persona non grata and given their one-way exit from the host nation.

Its not something that happens often and not without serious cause. And while we don’t know officially what was going on behind the doors of that building, its certain that its a lot more than the official story. But that said, State Department spokesman Morgan Ortagus stated,

the closure was “to protect American intellectual property and American’s private information.” and that  “The United States will not tolerate the (People’s Republican of China’s) violations of our sovereignty and intimidation of our people.”

When Consulates close, serious ramifications follow. China has already stated that they intend to retaliate, but at this time its anyone’s guess what that entails. Expect the street riots across the US to escalate, along with selective violence in the places they’ve primed the battlespace.

Be ready.

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