Here is a random thought from the mind of a mad writer!
As a historian I was considering  how the current situation bears a striking resemblance to France after the Nazi Invasion in 1940…the resistance had a framework and was operating with hit and miss accuracy thanks to the SOE and OSS, but COLLABORATORS and TRAITORS were rampant…Then, like now, the Collaborators (Vichy France) thought they were on the right side purely because they thought Germany was too powerful and would eventually rule the world…the same thinking exist currently with these lib-tard political leaders in these cities over ran with COMMUNIST MOB violence…they have placated these people in hopes of gaining political equity, but now the monster has grown out of control and is eating them.
Churchill had it right about APPEASERS.
Make no mistake, when it’s all over, I firmly believe that a great number of people will HANG for their traitorous acts.
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