As we have all heard as recent as yesterday, Rep. Nadler has said publicly that “antifa is a myth”. On camera and in yesterday’s DOJ hearing. As a side not, does anybody know why Nadler wears his trousers so high? Sorry, I just had to ask.

Video by Essential Fleccas @Fleccas

This just came in off my feed several minutes ago from the John Brown Gun Club.

Then there is always this…

So, Rep. ‘high pants’ Nadler and much of the Democrat useful idiots from the US House of Representative believe that the rioting is a myth. That certainly was the snake oil rhetoric they were pushing at the DOJ hearing yesterday – When will these Brown Shirts show up in your city? Your house?

Is it not clear to who is paying attention, where this will end up between now and November 4th? Tighten up that front and back cinch, grab a hold of that horn and prepare you and your family for a lively ride down the trail of revolution.

Freedom Through Self-Reliance








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