As of this writing the United States National debt is $26,678,000,000,000 that’s (26,678 Trillion for you Biden supporters). Personally, I think our debt is scarier than Biden, AntiFa, BLM, or George Soros. For kicks and giggles let’s look at the top debt holders of our debt as of May, 2020 reported by Value Walk,

  • 10 – Belgium $218 B
  •  9 – Cayman Islands $219.4 B
  •  8 – Switzerland $243.7 B
  •  7 – Hong Kong $249.8 B
  •  6 – Luxembourg $260.8 B
  •  5 – Ireland $282.7 B
  •  4 – Brazil $285.9 B
  •  3 – United Kingdom $403.2 B
  •  2 – China $1.092.3 T
  •  1 – Japan $1.268.3 T

Then we have the US Government which owes $12.9 T of our debt; Specifically, Social Security, Office of Personnel Management’s civil service retirement & disability fund, the Department Of Defense military retirement fund, Medicare’s medical insurance trust funds, and the Federal Reserve. Remember when Social Security was supposed to be kept in a locked box?

Last, but most interesting is the largest buyers of gold since April has been the United States and EU’s Central bank. China and India have purchased virtually no gold since April. I suspect most of their revenue is going to purchase food for the upcoming new year thanks to floods, CCP Virus, and other natural events that retarded food production this year.

When the United States starts restricting food sales overseas what will debt holders of our debt do? The simplest thing is to dump the debt and get what you can for it or go to war. Either option will wreak havoc on an already volatile situation here in the United States.

Freedom Through Self-Reliance

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