Here is another great on-the-spot video from Andy Ngo from Kenosha, WI. last night.

An armed man protecting a business is screamed at by rioter obviously upset that he is protecting a business. Oh, the horror!

After you watch, read the comments. They are precious.

I was wondering when men and women were going to stop watching Dancing with the Stars, get off their couch, and come out to start protecting property. Hopefully, there were a few scoped rifles on roof tops.

Then we have this video from Dave Hernandez.

And this one from Hernandez too…

Matt Bracken’s thoughts this morning during an exchange of emails with him,

“What makes it especially shocking, is there is barely a minute spent on these riots on the Marxist Media, and barely any more on Fox. Is this because they are too cowardly to send “real” reporters, and they are ashamed that the only real footage coming out is shot by amateurs with guts? How can we understand the lack of national media coverage, as the USA lurches into an open shooting civil war?”

Freedom Through Self-Reliance 

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