A video posted by Brendan Gutenschwager taken by bgonthescene of a man walking down a street in Kenosha, WI. with a long gun. The man was then attacked, and he fought back by returning fire hitting at least one attacker.

Well ladies and gentlemen, it is starting. The colour revolution is being well played by the swamp creatures behind the scenes. Just look at what House Leader Pelosi said yesterday who, “refers to Republicans as domestic enemies”. By the way, she is saying this about you. The “deplorables” as Mrs. Clinton called you and me.

Here is the plan…Increase rioting up to the Presidential election where the hope is there will be more daily shootings. Flood the post office with ballots to have the results of the election be rejected by the mob. Then the fun will really begin.

Please throw your normalcy bias aside and wake up. Get right with God. Prepare your family for what is coming Sisters and Brothers.

Freedom Through Self-Reliance

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