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Kyle Rittenhouse is an American hero. With zero help from police, he single-handedly fought off three violent BLM attackers, all of whom had criminal records and were committed to carrying out acts of violence against innocent people. (One was a convicted pedophile who got shot in the groin… can you say karma?)

The three people Rittenhouse shot were a burglar, pedophile and domestic abuser. Plus, they were trying to kill him. The lying left-wing media, of course, tries to paint these people as saints. Then again, they also claim Jacob Blake, a serial sexual assaulter, is also a saint. There’s no criminal too thuggish for black America and the left-wing media to praise, it turns out. BLM openly defends “black criminals” as being a higher value in society than a white, law-abiding citizen.

Now, some really entertaining memes are emerging that depict Kyle Rittenhouses’s heroism in the face of left-wing violence. Rittenhouse is rapidly becoming a “cult hero” of real America, where the people are fed up with endless left-wing riots, arson and violence. Burn, Loot and Murder, it turns out, isn’t popular for long.

Check out some of the best memes that have surfaced so far:

Also, listen to my podcast explaining why Kyle Rittenhouse is an American hero:

See more videos about Kyle Rittenhouse at, the free speech alternative to YouTube.

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