Back during the Obama years, we in uniform often asked in private conversation ‘what would happen if a civil war actually broke out?’ It was no secret that there was a large amount of unrest, more than in the 1990s before, recognizing that those of us in the Combat Arms branches of the Army at least were staunchly Right, opposed to the changes to the nation we held dear. Its an all volunteer force, after all. It takes a Man completely committed to his nation to volunteer for running to the sound of gunfire. We endured the endless sexual harassment briefings, the Equal Opportunity commissar, normally always an E-6 literally unqualified for any job in uniform of any use, so they put her there to spread a reign of terror based on political wrongthink. A job they so happily endured. And in those backroom conversations we acknowledged that most of us would leave- taking what we could with us but most importantly, walking out with our experience. It is the NCO that wins wars.

The past few weeks have been intense on this end. Back to back classes packed over capacity, long hours on the road, mountains of emails and somewhere in between, a glass or two to maintain sanity. Amid all that is a pattern of thought- a lamentation- that ‘there’s no unity, no coordination’ on the Right. That there is no plan forward, no answer for what’s next, no push back to Make It Stop!

Its not going to stop. The normalcy period is over. And this is a period of transition as well.

I’ve heard the reactionary answer from many traditional voices suggesting military use to put down the insurgency that is the Left today. That’s not going to work. Back in the era of McCarthy the Left learned serious lessons which set them up for long term success-

  1. Do not attack American patriotism until it is politically favorable to do so. Even when doing so, appeal to American patriotism to muddy the Communist International talking points.
  2. The US Military (a volunteer one) is made of the most patriotic young Men. It is the nation’s strength. Corrupt that to control it.

For those suggesting the use of military force, I contend that not only are the movers and shakers not on the side of loyal Americans, but are not to be trusted in the coming era. This is not to denigrate the great service of the young Men in uniform, especially those young Men in the NCO corps. To those young troops, you, by and large, remain among this nation’s best. But also recognize that you are replaceable. They’re working on that.

On the other hand, the US military of today also finds itself a testing bed for social experiments that have no purpose other than to degrade and destroy our national ability to exert power. This has led to overt insertion of leftist sympathizers and even in some cases like the one above, active leftist insurgents.

But that’s just one guy. So what?

The whole is represented by the sum of its parts. Take the case of LT Spencer Rapone. The now-infamous West Point grad was unceremoniously booted from the Army Officer Corps- that much you know. But Rapone had been an enlisted Infantryman prior to that, serving in Afghanistan with 1st Ranger Battalion. And while he may have had leftist leanings prior to his attendance at West Point, it was there that he went from a guy maybe questioning the status quo to a committed Marxist. He wasn’t alone. And while West Point paid lip service by quietly dismissing the professor pictured here with Rapone and his fellow cell member, keep in mind someone hired him. And someone hired that person who in turn hired him. And it was likely well known what his leanings and teaching philosophy were long before this incident. But what’s more troubling is that unless Rapone had made a spectacle of himself, you would have never known.

Take this Defense One open letter to General Mark Milley just nine days ago. In it the authors John Nagl and Paul Yingling suggest the very same military coup that they in turn gaslight to the contrary.

Under the first, U.S. military forces escort the former president from the White House grounds. Trump’s little green men, so intimidating to lightly armed federal law enforcement agents, step aside and fade away, realizing they would not constitute a good morning’s work for a brigade of the 82nd Airborne…

Should you remain silent, you will be complicit in a coup d’état.

The 82nd. Quite specific. Which Brigade? Methinks there’s something rotten on Ardennes.

I’ll remind you that the very fact such a seditious thing could be seen as fit to print in an outlet marketed towards senior military officers and defense contractors is indicative of very real conversations happening in those circles. And while my estimation of them is more out of self preservation than ideology- big changes have happened in the drawdown from the GWOT and a restructuring of the force leading to many of these guys’ gravy trains coming to an end– the end goal is the same.

The military is not ‘on your side’ and are not to be trusted in their official capacity. It is not the conservative bastion it once was, and certainly not the one its public perception is believed to be. Only through an unlikely purge of the ranks could such a return to American values be made, not without a massive level of internal disruption. Those of us who knew the deal got out, taking our experience with us.

So for those lamenting the seemingly insurmountable lack of large scale organization- fear not. The answer lay in exactly what’s happening now; the grassroots Right, locally organized, which previously remained silent out of convenience, no longer has the incentive to do so. It will be those local groups, bottom up, not top-down, that are key to effective action. This is not the 1990s. And those of us with the experience over the past two decades of counterinsurgency know full well how to fight, and more importantly, how to win.

Viva la Contra-revolution.

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