Senator Paul and his wife were confronted and attacked by a mob outside the White House following the President’s speech accepting the RNC nomination.

“Protesters could be heard shouting “No Justice No Peace” and “Say Her Name” before one appears to briefly clash with an officer, pushing him and his bike backward, sending the officer into Paul’s shoulder.” according to CBS News. We’ve got the video up, here.

He did not appear to have suffered any injuries, unlike the last two attempts on his life, at the Congressional Softball practice field and outside his own home.

My very serious question is why these communists were allowed there in the first place. Noting the severity of the situation and past proclivity for violence, it looks like to me the seditious DC mayor pulled the police cordons from the area.

Keep it up. While you arrest one side for defending himself and continuously let the other go free, you’re provoking something you can’t control.