With Joe Biden announcing former Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris as his running mate, I just want to point out to you all that today marks 90 days until Election Day. I hearken back to four years ago, when I saw an absolutely dystopian future unfolding before our eyes. I was absolutely certain that Hillary would win, and I felt hopeless. That feeling of hopelessness is the exact opposite of what I feel today. I feel minimally confident moving towards election day, despite what the media and chattering classes are saying. However, I refuse to get over-confident or cocky before we, too, fall victim to the Hillary Syndrome. Be vigilant about your preps, and do what you can to support the President’s reelection.

We also need to realize that the President’s reelection is not going to be our savior. Too many people fell into the “Trump Slump” after 2016 and slacked off on their preps. The march of the Marxists never stops, and we need to be just as committed – committed with our gear, our training, and our mental strength. We have to expect chaos and violence no matter who wins in November. I am starting the Wednesday WODs series back up (in fact, one went out this morning) and I encourage you all to accelerate your physical fitness training.

One of the things I recommend that you do is continue to stockpile firearms, components, and ammunition as if President Trump is expected to lose in a landslide. In particular, stock up on 30 round mags because, if Biden wins and even 10% of his gun control plan gets implemented, you are going to need them. Besides, you never have enough, and as NC Scout always says, picking up an empty mag in a fight is not worth your life. There isn’t much ammo to go around these days, but you can always keep your eye on our site sponsors Ammo.com and Palmetto State Armory.

I would particularly pay attention to components and build kits such as those available from Palmetto State because there is a growing movement to make the building of firearms illegal and regulate the sale of components (whatever the hell that means). Even if we all know that is damn near impossible to enforce in private, it could force dealers to stop selling components to anyone except FFLs.

Most important, rededicate yourself to God. If you have fallen off the wagon in terms of church or reading scripture, reconnect with God. At the same time we open our hearts to God’s love, we need to harden our hearts and our minds for the tasks that lays ahead.

This has been your friendly Public Service Announcement for the day.

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