Maybe there is something in this logic that is broader; while living in N. Ireland a counselor I met who specialized in the helping ‘heavy duty’ clients told me the following: “If you stand for everything you stand for nothing.” And later a former military officer echoed this principle: “If you defend everywhere you defend nowhere.”

Move on to today, in far too many places. ” We only want what’s good for everyone.” Replace with ‘justice,” ‘fairness’ or the left-word of your choice. But state it plainly, the only way to achieve such a goal is to reduce ‘everyone’ to a droid-like, all-is-the-same existence in which no-one has wealth, health….or happiness.

So there is Utopia in a nutshell, and it may be just around the corner.

And how do we get there? We already know, largely by continuing to follow the all-to-many sheep in wolves clothing that have claimed leadership for our side.

Enter learned helplessness, first-cousin to the Stockholm Syndrome (in which a hostage or victim becomes a willing accomplice in their own destruction). Here’s an illustrative story from India. Apparently when training the mighty elephant, almost from birth the trainer would poke and prod Jumbo and tie his leg with a heavy chain. Over time the elephant – having experienced the pain of the prod and the inability to free himself due to the chain – would become docile. Eventually the trainer would just tie him up with a simple rope, and the elephant would simply quit trying to escape, and humbly stand there awaiting his master’s commands.

Two things stand out in this metaphor: the modern day whip and prod has become “RACISM!! HATE!!. And one can’t help but wonder at the prescient symbolism of the elephant given the spineless nature of most of the Republican party.

The main point I’m talking around in this short narrative concerns diversity, a word so overused it causes choking and should therefore be classified a health hazard.

Like everything else the purvey, there is always poison in the sugar. REAL diversity is great, grand and fantastic, to be able to see and feel how the rest of the world lives, thinks, worships, and eats. You see the real deal, and you make your own choices as to good and bad, right and wrong, and all the rest, but if you have traveled and lived abroad at least you know. For real.

Political diversity is of course, a journey to it’s opposite. By blending everyone into everything and erasing every boundary psychic, legal, and social the end result is actually a devolution and regression to undifferentiated ‘global stew’ in which one human widget with a set economic value is interchangeable with another, all the while ‘living’ in egalitarian Soviet style concrete micro hovels. But if enough drugs and electronics are available, all is well.

“Diversity/Racism” then, as we have felt, is the new whip of the modern slave master, or the cudgel if you prefer. If the elephant would WAKE THE HELL UP or actually get angry(!) something good might yet happen, at least in salvageable areas of the United States.

There is a Anglo-Celtic legend prophesying that the great King Arthur would return from Avalon in a time of dire need to lead his people to victory which is so hopeful, however the legend also implies there must be no-one capable of such leadership in that trying time.

Here’s hoping Arthur is starting to stretch and roll his covers off.

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