Oh my – It appears that the Revolutionary Communist Party has just endorsed Former Vice President Joe Biden for President of the United States – Oh my.

Bob Avakian, the self-proclaimed head of the United States Communist Party explains that:

“We are confronted by—we are now being ruled by—a fascist regime: relentlessly assaulting civil rights and liberties and openly promoting bigotry and inequality; acting with callous disregard or cold-blooded malice toward those they consider inferior and a drain or stain on the country; on a mission to deny health care to millions who will suffer and many who will die without it; crudely degrading women, as objects of plunder, breeders of children without the right to abortion or birth control, subordinate to husbands and men in general; defying the science of climate change, attacking the science of evolution, and repudiating the scientific method overall; a regime brandishing an arsenal of mass destruction and threatening nuclear war; intensifying state terror against Muslims, immigrants, and people in the inner cities; unleashing and giving encouragement and support to brutal thugs spewing vile “America First,” white supremacist, male supremacist, and anti-LGBT venom—a regime that boasts of all this and declares its intention to do even worse.”

With this major announcement, I am sure that Biden is walking around his basement this morning, with his chest puffed out like an albatross, saying, “I am the man! I am the man that got the Communist endorsement. Beat that Trump!”

It appears that the selection for the American people, who they want for president, is becoming perfectly clear – A capitalist or a communist.

Freedom Through Self-Reliance