If you are not reading, and no I don’t mean just American Partisan, you are making a serious mistake. Below is a selection of what the minds behind this site are reading this month. While we aren’t saying that reading the same books as Matt Bracken will give you the best mustache this side of Tom Selleck, we aren’t saying it won’t either.


Jesse James: The Oath

The Oath is a book written by Dr. Khassan Baiev about his experiences during the Chechen War. It’s a unique perspective and a real wake-up call as to the level of suffering and atrocities a modern civil war causes. You think this is going to be bad, read this and realize the level of human suffering is going to be worse than most of us could possibly comprehend.


Brushbeater: Warrior: Frank Sturgis

            Frank did Watergate. Frank scared Fidel Castro, by Fidel’s own admission. Frank trained guerilla armies, and Frank was the guy behind the plots to overthrow Cuba, Haiti, Panama, Guatemala and the Dominican Republic. Frank is a “VERY interesting guy.”


Matt Bracken: Cold Times: How to Prepare for the Mini Ice Age

             Anita Bailey, PhD is a strong proponent of the “Maunder Minimum” no sunspots angle, and thinks the northern tier of the USA will have the weather currently enjoyed 700 miles north. Basically, weather patterns will become so cold that growing crops will be severely disrupted etc. It’s good reading, it’s not just about weather and climate, but a comprehensive prepper book based on cold times ahead for decades and decades. Our current population exploded during a warm period, leveraged with technology to grow enough food for the new masses and so on. With a shift to cold climates, food will not keep up, and there will be massive refugee flows, social breakdown, and wars over resources.


Patriotman: The Gulag Archipelago

Aleksandr Solhzenitsyn’s masterpiece goes into really deep detail about the horrors of the gulag system. If you did not already hate communists, this book will do the trick.


JohnyMac: One Shot, One Kill

            Written by Charles Sasser and Craig Roberts the book has vignettes from the men who stalked and killed in WWII, Korea, Vietnam and Beruit. The book offers some great insight into the mind and methods of people who sat behind a scope and killed. A military classic.