Valid questions. -NCS

If you ask a Communist what he wants, he can tell you:

  1. Global Revolution
  2. Dictatorship Of The Proletariat
  3. Socialization Of The Means Of Production
  4. The New Man
  5. A classless society

If you ask someone in the Patriot community what he wants, it’s really unusual to get a concise answer. “We want freedom” or, “We want to protect the Constitution” are the most common answers. In a world where simplification is usually a good thing, these answers are overly simplified and vague. They don’t address our problems completely, systematically or in enough detail. At the same time, the initial message, the plausible promise of the movement must be stated fully AND succinctly. So, I have come up with Twelve Key Points to answer the question, “What Do You Want?”

What we want;


  1. Equal Freedom; No domination
  2. The rule of law; not the rule of men or mobs.
  3. Self-government exercised by competent citizens.
  4. Accountable representative government limited by the rule of law
  5. End of corruption in all of its forms
  6. Peace among us and with the world
  7. Inalienable rights; All of our rights all of the time.
  8. Justice without injustice
  9. Universal values.; Human life, dignity, respect, happiness
  10. Vision, action, hope
  11. Sanity: a sane society based on reason and reasonableness
  12. Culture of honor

Twelve basic statements of principle which probably should be presented as thesis statements, all of which must be expanded on, but which encompass the most basic list of problems to be addressed.

Thanks for Reading;