This was sent in by a reader out there collecting the S2 at the ground level. The use of video games as a means of clandestine messaging is nothing new, but easily circumvented. -NCS

NC Scout

Hello sir. I came across an article that you shared regarding Antifa s field organization, etc.

I wanted to share some weird happenings that I observed.

I tried the FBI tip-line but hung up……. so I thought I would find someone who was already in the mix and give them my quick observations… the spirit of: ( If you see something…Say something.)

Long story short: Has anyone looked in to the POKE MON app…… as a way for them to join groups and sync themselves to like minded comrades regardless of their geographical origin?

Observations: I live across the street from a synagogue and sit on my porch often. About 3 years ago I witnessed cars showing up quickly and parking in a certain area of the lot… about a 25 ft by 25 foot area……of the 100 yard lot.

(No church was in service.) as it was a weekday 4-6 p.m. These millennials would get out of their cars (at least 30 cars if not more) and go form a gathering on the sidewalk by a fence. I witnessed seemingly one guy talking to everyone….and I saw them talking and using their phones in hand…..not at their ears.

They would stay for about 3-5 minutes then they would all drive off as fast as they came scattering in all directions of the two entrance/exits.

This happened 3-4 times every few months after that. It was so odd I took a picture one time……but I chalked it up to the (Poke Mon dragon) that is in the game…in the lot. I know the people at the other church and they too were aware of the game / dragon in their lot.

Then as the next 3 events happened…..these cars would NOT park. They would drive in to the area and do 100 foot circles around the middle of the lot following each other as others would drive in ……and circle…then others would leave.

This happened fluidly and quickly…..again lasting only 3-5 minutes or so. I FILMED IT ONE DAY…….just to show my wife.


These EVENTS stopped happening in 2019….that I noticed.


Does the POKE MON app have a sync function that allows one to join a private-group within the app I wonder.

I am 52yrs old and have ZERO knowledge of the game.



It is a Chinese app I believe

If the app allows for location services and PRIVATE groups…. these people could sync up themselves with like minded comrades locally……. and move about the country and be able to join an event without having to be contacted formally. They could go from Dallas to Portland and still have info as to where, when, to attend a disruption…..making them universally available in any State they may be in….not just locked down as the Dallas chapter only….etc.

They may have codes for events and locations within the app private-group communications??

Most of the people that I saw were young 18-30 ish. (and I agree that is the target age for the game so I get that)

The Parking Lot Events probably went from 2018-2019. It was limited…which tells me they got organized and had a good baseline of contacts… spread with other future recruits in my area. (if it was just for the game…why did they just stop)

I wonder if anyone across the country had any of the same observations in their area. It was like a large caravan of scavenger hunters….but I am wondering if Antifa are exploiting the game to use as tactical comms.

This is just a THEORY. If I had the power, tools, and contacts to investigate….I truly would.

Thank you for your time.


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