According to reports this morning, former New York City Mayor and 2020 Democrat Presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg is paying the restitution of felons in Florida.

As reported by Axios,

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg has raised over $16 million to help felons pay outstanding fines and fees to regain their voting rights in Florida.

The big picture: A 2018 state constitutional amendment in Florida allows for felons who have completed their sentences to regain their right to vote — so long as they’ve also paid back any outstanding fines, fees or restitution.

  • Bloomberg’s fundraising, in addition to $5 million from the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition, has now paid off monetary obligations for 32,000 felons in Florida just before Election Day.
  • Voters who were already registered to vote, Black or Latino, and had fines and fees of less than $1500 were eligible for the payback initiative.

What they’re saying: “The right to vote is fundamental to our democracy and no American should be denied that right,” Bloomberg said via a spokesperson.

  • “Working together with the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition, we are determined to end disenfranchisement and the discrimination that has always driven it.
Apparently, this act is a violation of United States statute, 18 U.S. Code§ 597.Expenditures to influence voting,

Whoever makes or offers to make an expenditure to any person, either to vote or withhold his vote, or to vote for or against any candidate; and

Whoever solicits, accepts, or receives any such expenditure in consideration of his vote or the withholding of his vote—

Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both; and if the violation was willful, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than two years, or both.

To make things even more spicy, Bloomberg is only doing this act of kindness for African American and Latino American felons.
The Daily Mail’s Keith Griffith has just reported that Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida is calling for a legal probe,

Rep. Matt Gaetz calls for ‘vote buying’ criminal probe into Mike Bloomberg for paying off $20M in debt for 31,000 Florida felons so that they can cast ballots in November

  • Rep. Matt Gaetz called on Florida’s attorney general to investigate the tactic
  • Bloomberg paid off $20M in debt for 31,000 felons in Florida so they can vote
  • The move comes just days after Florida Gov Ron DeSantis won a court victory to keep felons from voting until they’ve paid off fines, restitution and court fees
  • Other donors include John Legend, LeBron James, Michael Jordan, MTV, Comedy Central, VH1, Ben & Jerry’s, Levi Strauss & Co and the Miami Dolphins
  • The billionaire has also pledged $100million to help Joe Biden win in Florida

Ya’ just got to love it.

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