TX2Guns sent this over to me suggesting I share it with the American Partisan readers. Enjoy – JMc

With the recent large number of communist looters/vandals choking American roadways, I thought it relevant to include some training on how to deal with them.
The bottom line in any combat situation is to Get Off The X, or to put it another way, GET OUT OF THE KILL ZONE.
Never remain stationary. Never Stop and let them drag you out!
Punch the Gas!
This vid is out of Brazil but it’s a good example 

Click image to watch

This happened to MrsMac and I while stopped at a light just before the on ramp to I-95 in Miami Florida. I did just what TX2Guns suggested. I turned the steering wheel all the way to the right and had enough room to go around the car in front of me onto the busted down lane and floored it. There was several bodies that went this or that away and I either hit someone or they kicked the car and went lickety split up the on ramp onto I-95 north. We never looked back.
Remember, when stopped between two cars at a light give yourself plenty of room to escape the car in front of you.
Freedom Through Self-Reliance
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