The Chinese have built an operational military station in Argentina, according to the UK Express. While their details were somewhat vague, by the pictures it appears to be a guidance station for the Chinese BeiDu Satellite positioning system.

The Patagonian station is managed by the China Satellite Launch and Tracking Control General (CLTC), which reports to the PLA’s Strategic Support Force.

Chinese president Xi Jinping’s government insists the programme is for “peaceful purposes” and its foreign ministry stressed the Argentine station is for civilian use only and is open to the public.

Sure it is. Its built specifically to control their version of GPS, used as a guidance system for their next-generation missile and aircraft technology.

What’s more important is that this is further proof of China’s expansion into South America. Nations don’t just happen to allow another nation to put a military guidance system on its territory unless there’s a substantial partnership already established. This follows the larger pattern of Chinese expansion, building military and economic partnerships to most of the nations in South and Central America.

In a world where they openly call for and support the destabilization of the US, this should be a major concern. The Chinese and their proxies remain the most imminent threat to the US and our people.

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