Covid-19. The new normal? I pray this is not the new normal. No doubt we have all experienced what could only be described as a completely foreign way of life on a macro level; social distancing, lockdowns, masks, the closing of schools, businesses and economies world-wide. We are truly living in un-precedented times. But I recently discovered micro level changes induced by Covid-19 that appear to have a larger effect.

With the rise of revolutionary groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa, citizens of America have witnessed chaos in the streets throughout the summer of 2020. These groups, which I will refer to as Rev/Comm, have used Police shooting events, as their reason and cause, to unleash the lawlessness we see today. But does Covid-19 have a hand in the Rev/Comm’s actions?

Like many cities across America, my city has not been spared of protests this summer. Around Memorial Day, our downtown was seized by violent activist. The city issued a mandatory curfew and thankfully quelled the violence over the weekend. Like many cities, it seemed we were caught off guard and unfortunately an officer had their neck sliced with a knife and several businesses fell victim to the Rev/Comm’s destructive actions. Recently, I noticed advertisements for another protest in my city. It was scheduled to take place on city owned property. Being the inquisitive citizen, I took it upon myself to investigate as to the city’s awareness of this planned protest and as to wether the event was legally permitted. I called my local administrative offices, as well as the Sheriff’s office and what I was told was shocking. Please read on.

Not only were the protesters, and their affiliated group coalitions, not legally permitted to hold an event on city property, there was no recourse for local law enforcement to shut down the unlawful protest! Because of Covid-19, the city (in their infinite wisdom), shuttered many administrative offices. One of these offices happened to be the Special Events and Permitting Departments. Employees are working from home, but not currently accepting new applications for large events due to CDC guidelines. In effect, due to Covid-19, the Sheriffs Office cannot shut down an illegal and non-permitted gathering because there is no permit that can be issued! A representative from the Sheriffs Office told me via telephone that, “We can only shut down the protest if things get violent”. My suspicions are that if I wanted to hold a peaceful parade, or block party celebration, my event would surely be shut down due to lack of a permit. As for the Rev/Comm’s, they obviously get a pass. I only wish I knew the reason why. It is important to note that I live in a city with a Republican Mayor and Sheriff. It is easy to say that Rev/Comm groups are allowed to be unlawful in cities run by Democrats, but in my experience, this is not true.

In closing, Covid-19 has unleashed a hellish nightmare upon this earth. Just as Menelaus’ Trojan Horse provided cover for his invading army at Troy, the overzealous response to the virus allows Rev/Comm groups immunity to law. Rights granted to men from God and Government are being ignored on a global and local scale. Rev/Comm groups are profiting from the exaggerated response of the virus. Unfortunately, ideas like Liberty and Rule of Law, are not.

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