This was passed along to me and I think it deserves wider distribution. This was originally developed for Law Enforcement and their families, but is highly relevant to anyone who wants to maintain their OPSEC and their privacy – particularly with the target attacks and assassinations we have seen against Conservatives.

Here is the stated purpose of the guide:

The Digital Exhaust Opt Out Guide is a new publication; no previous versions are available. This Guide was created to mitigate risk for Law Enforcement employees’ and their families as it pertains to protecting their personal information, which is vulnerable to exploitation. This risk includes potential for threat actors to identify, target, and track anyone affiliated with Law Enforcement via use of open source, Internet-based services offering searches of data aggregated about the American public. To mitigate this risk, this Guide was created as a first-of-its-kind aid for the Law Enforcement community in highlighting and presenting recommendations to reduce these vulnerabilities. This document is for informational purposes only.

Some of the information may seem basic and obvious, particularly surrounding social media. However, other aspects – one that jumps out at me is the EXIF data in Section 4.18 – may be something you were not aware of. We all know that thinks are going to accelerate leading up to November, but we are near0 guaranteed an exponential growth in violence and unrest following the election. Get your OPSEC squared away NOW.