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Since last March I have implored our Governor, my County Mayor and, by extension therefore, their respective agencies, to consider and review a wide body of credible medical evidence as regards SARS-CoV-2, rather than depend solely on the CDC guidance.

Moreover, I provided both of those executives with links to research I conducted and published in 2014, in the context of the then-emerging global spread of Ebola. One of the key findings of that research is that the CDC has a documented history of ignoring the results of its own sponsored research. In particular, as regards the efficacy, and lack thereof, of N95 masks against a virus. It is a simple matter of arithmetic – a mask with a pore size of 300nm will not provide adequate protection against a particle barely one-fourth of that size. Likewise with SARS-CoV-2, which is barely one-third that size. Many physicians offer this apt analogy: it is like trying to protect against a mosquito with a chain link fence.

I have listened to the arguments that masks provide protection (absent any conclusive evidence I may add) and that, even if not, it would certainly do no harm to wear one. This, too, is erroneous and I have provided both executives with a link to this most recent 13-page research report as to the ineffectiveness of mask use. More to the point, pages 9 and 10 of that report offers concerns on how it may prove deleterious to respiratory health. For our executives to continue to mandate mask use, absent conclusive medical evidence and contrary to such concerns, may well establish the grounds for a class action personal injury lawsuit of unimaginable proportion. I wrote to both executives on that matter too.

I have also heard arguments that mask use reassures the populace. That is also erroneous. Instead, advocating that practice elevates and perpetuates a sense of crisis when, instead, given the precipitous drop in actual illness and deaths genuinely attributable to SARS-CoV-2, we should all be breathing a collective sigh of relief, no pun intended. Again, potential for a class action personal injury lawsuit of unimaginable proportion.

Nevertheless, since our executives and their agencies continue to be enamored with the CDC as an infallible source, and pursuant to my point about the propagation of irrational fear, I want to make you aware of the CDC’s ongoing study and data as regards COVID-19 related anxiety within our state. The data are available here:

As shown on the summary table, the anxiety level of our fellow Tennesseans, specifically on the issue of COVID-19, has, from April 23rd through July 21st, risen from 28.2% to 40.1% – in other words, the actions of our executives and their respective agencies has had a deleterious effect on the mental health of our fellow Tennesseans, and under circumstances when objective medical evidence indicates that just the opposite should be the case. That leads me to suspect that this propagation of irrational fear, one that is contrary to medical evidence, is no mistake. For further evidence of that assertion, I invite you to review those same data for those states that did not shut down their economy – it is considerably less than what we have in Tennessee, and among the least in the nation.

In sum, I contend that the actions of the executives has effectively terrorized our fellow Tennesseans, and continues to do so. And my voice here is not alone: in May of this year a practicing physician and surgeon based in Knoxville initiated an online petition calling for the Governor to cease and desist in practices that propagate irrational fear. There are over 3000 signatories to that petition – I am one.

Likewise, the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) filed a lawsuit against the FDA for its suppression of the use of chloroquine (CQ) and hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) as both a prophylactic and treatment for SARS-CoV-2. Details of that ongoing lawsuit can be found here:

A key excerpt from that page: “In countries that started using HCQ for prophylaxis and early treatment, death rates soon began to decrease, and the ratio of recoveries to deaths increased dramatically…”

For executives and their respective agencies to ignore that evidence is, I believe, malfeasance. And a malfeasance that is resulting in the unnecessary illness and deaths of those most vulnerable to the virus, as well as damaging the mental health of our citizenry writ large.

This will not stand. There is the old saw that you cannot fool all the people all the time. I offer a corollary to that: it is sufficient to fool enough of the people enough of the time.

And here’s the point: I am not fooled by this campaign of irrational fear, nor am I alone in that knowledge. Likewise, my compatriots and I are already beyond tolerating this governance by diktat. Our is designed to be a representative government, and one authorized by the consent of the governed. The current bevy of lawsuits are but the tip of the iceberg as to that discontent; expect many more.

Already there have been lawsuits filed against state Governors by seated members of their respective state legislatures, and Congressional delegations. The arrogance of those Governors is stunning.

Most recently, the AAPS filed for emergency action for injunctive relief against the FDA as regard HCQ.

To be clear, I do not consent to this terrorizing of my fellow men, not under any pretext; not here in Tennessee, not here in the USA, and not here on this Earth.



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