Every year Gallup comes out with the Confidence in Institutions survey. The survey lists the confidence American have in specific professions. I have posted the seven worst and seven highest by election year. To see all the others go here.

Institution 2020 2016 2012
Congress 13%  9% 13%
Internet News 16 NA NA
Television News 18 21 21
Big Business 19 18 21
Criminal Justice System 24 23 29
Newspaper news 24 20 25
Presidency 39 36 37
Supreme Court 40 39 41
Public Schools 41 30 29
Church  42   41  42
Police  48  56 56
Medial System  51  39 41
The Military  72  73 75
Small Business  75  68 63

Journalism combined (Internet, TV, newspaper) hovers around 19% tied with Big Business.

The one thing that seemed to have taken a big leap up wards was Small Business. I suspect that has a lot to do with the Trump business tax reduction. Medical System seems to have improved too probably due to the CCP Virus.

I have no clue nor will venture a guess however, Public Schools has taken a large up-tick. I truly do not know why as many of my friend’s children are home schooled.

Well there you go.

Freedom Through Self-Reliance


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