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Below, listed by week, is the average mortality rate by day due to the CCP Virus.

 Week Ending  Average Per Day
Sept. 12  759
Sept. 5  881
Aug. 29  956
Aug. 22 1,037
Aug. 15 1,061
Aug. 8 1,074
Aug. 1  991
July 25  931
July 18  701

Here is a graph showing mortality rates by day since the start of 2020. For a better interactive graph go here

For kicks and giggles, let us take week ending September 12, 2020. There was an average of 759 deaths per day in the United States over a seven-day period. Not even considering territories of the United States lets divide the 759 deaths by 50 states that gives us about 15 deaths per state a day. Is this a good reason to still have states in lock down, or partial lock down mode?

Remember, we are only closing down the country until we just flatten the curve to control hospital admittance due to the CCP Virus and to get some really good parodies. Speaking of parodies…

Freedom Through Self-Reliance

PS: Didn’t see that coming did you ?



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