I received this opinion piece from Your Good Brother early this morning and I wanted to share it with the American Partisan readership. He brings up some great points that we all need to ponder before we celebrate the empty seat on the Supreme Court. Be careful of what you wish for. JMc

The death of RGB could not come at a worse time for this election. Both sides will use it as a rally cry for anyone still on the fence. Trump will most likely try to squeeze an appointment in before the election but there is a particularly good chance regardless of what McConnel has said in the past that they will let the appointment go through. Here is why:

This puts the Senate into a catch-22 situation. They blocked Obama’s appointment of Merrick Garland on the grounds that it was too close to election and the next president should get that opportunity. The Democrats are going to demand that the Senate wait until after the election just like with Obama. If the Senate agrees then the rally cry for them becomes “The SCOTUS is at stake!” Of course, this will be the same rally cry for the Republican’s as well. “Vote Trump or we lose the chance to finally pack the court!” This will make what is sure to be a tight race even tighter.

My prediction is that the Senate will not allow an appointment. The reason why is that while everyone frets over the Presidential election the real battle for the next 2-4 years of our nation is the Senate. Democrats need to flip 5 seats to gain control. It is not likely that they will lose the House but if we lose the Senate it does not matter who gets the White House it is over. If Biden wins imagine the first two years of Obama with a Democrat Congress on steroids. If Trump wins, he will not be able to do anything with a Democratic Congress. That is the least of his worries as Impeachment 2.0 will soon follow. If the Senate allows Trump to appoint a new justice before the election, they can pretty much kiss those 5 seats good bye. North Carolina, Montana, Texas, and Colorado are 4 races that are the most in jeopardy and are razor thin. I just don’t see McConnell allowing an appointment when it would allow the opposition the ammo they need to flip the Senate.

Regardless of what folks think motivating voters to get the polls is still how elections are won. Right now, the Democrats have put truly little efforts into traditional grassroots efforts and instead are relying on a heavy digital approach. They are not chasing the senior citizen vote now that their base is much younger. They are pushing hard on these Senate races and letting the MSM do the bulk of the work on Biden/Harris. The true reason they are pushing vote by mail is not so they can commit massive fraud. They are doing it the same reason why they push so hard for early voting. Both must be done early in the process and once the vote is cast you cannot change it. So, if an October surprise comes out and most of their base has voted it is no big deal. They want the election decided two weeks before November 3rd. Looking over data from the recent primary vote by mail and early voting where up from last election for both parties but increasingly the Democrats are early voters and Republicans wait until the day of the election.

Over all the Democrats are all in when it comes to every House, Senate and Presidential race. Republicans just think it is about getting Trump elected and that is all they seem to care about. It is like pulling teeth to get a Republican to take action to help get a Republican senator elected to keep the Senate. They have fallen under the same spell that the Democrats did with Obama. They think that going to Trump rallies and doing boat parades will win the election when to reach conservative voters the work is still done phone to phone and door to door. If Trump wins in November, his supporters are going to have a rude awakening if the Senate flips.

So, there it is like it or not.