Here is a great opinion piece from Trail Master on the continuing discussion of clandestine comms. JMc

This game was being used to socially engineer those millennials to be able to meet up at a moments notice and drop everything including important things such as work and food, to go catch the latest Pokémon. There’s a reason that phones, that is personal phones are now banned in “the building“ on Fort Bragg. That main reason is Pokémon. The operators kids Would be in the building with dad or mom taking pictures of classified shit were some of the rarest Pokémon happened to be placed strategically. This was discovered when the little eight-year-olds were walking around with their phones taking pictures of shit that really had no business taking pictures of and one of the commandos asked him what was going on, looked at the app and said holy fucking shit, it’s a spy app doubling as a digital trading card game. Why else would this stupid fucking things be placed inside of classified facilities?

I worked at a large company in the RTP area at the time that has a name that rhymes with ass, and our labs where we did some of the most sophisticated data science software development that is considered weaponry and is regulated under ITAR also had Pokémon on it where young, stupid millennial employees would pop in and start taking pictures of the entire room to catch the Pokémon, and then leave. Now half the facilities are highly secured.

You can bet the large data center out in Utah had rare Pokémon in there, as well as any other classified facility within this country. Now the game was originally a Japanese game but that doesn’t mean shit.

Maybe it stopped because it’s burned itself out, but also maybe it stopped because it got what it wanted. Total information awareness and mapping of inside facilities that can be added to a feature such as GIS, to drill into the facility for intelligence and know exactly what is on inside of it and in each room. One buddy I talked to said there was a Pokémon in every single room of his house it would move until the entire room was scanned.

I’m too old to have any interest in that crap other than trying to bang the 30-year-old chicks that played it, or crush the skulls of the stupid little hipsters that thought it was so cool.

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