When I read that New York City’s Mayor Bill de Blasio, was not going to have 9/11 ceremonies this year because of CCP Virus fears, I just shook my head in disgust. “What an anti-American man” I muttered to myself.

Many of the readers at American Partisan were alive and remember that day well. Some of the readers here were just a twinkling in their parents eyes. Many went out and joined one of the armed forces days, weeks, and months after the attack – While many ‘joined up’ years after as they came of age to do so.

As we drive around today and see the memorials put up by our local fire departments, let us think back to that day to remember where we were and to say a prayer for all that perished that day, days that followed, and over the years in what ever ‘Stan’ around the world.

My story…

Every two weeks I had a one-hour meeting with each of my direct reports. That day my calendar listed, “0800 hrs, 1:1 Tom”. A 1:1 was a special hour that I spent with each of my direct reports to talk about anything that they wanted to talk about. Work, family, personal monsters, whatever. Tom was one of my two Regional Inventory Managers.

Tom was a retired Marine Major. His specialty in the Marines was logistics. He was the guy who got his Marines from point ‘A’ to ‘B’. The guy that made sure there was food, water, shelter, latrines, et cetera at ‘B’ when his Marines arrived.

We were ending up our 1:1 when his wife text him on what he called his “leash”. He read me the text, “an airplane has just hit the World Trade Center tower – Call me.” As we quickly wrapped up our time visiting, my administrative assistant burst into my office and said, “John, we are under attack!” Now my admin was always the steadiest person I have ever known. NOTHING ruffled her feathers, so I told Tom to call his wife and we parted.

I walked out into my admins office where the television was on and one of the towers was burning. Within seconds, the second airplane hit the other tower. We just stood there with our mouths hanging open jointly wondering, “what the hell did we just see.”

Within minutes, the phones started to go crazy and our small part of this terrible day jumped into action.

Share with the group where you were that clear September day after you share where you were with friends and family. “We will never forget!”

73 & God Bless Brothers and Sisters

Freedom Through Self-Reliance