A group of former government officials, journalists, senior campaign managers, along with other anti-Trump folks met this past summer to war-game the upcoming Presidential election. The group was called Transition Integrity Project (TIP). Some of the dignitaries that attended the meeting as reported by Wikipedia were,

The Transition Integrity Project was initially convened by Rosa Brooks, a law professor at Georgetown and former Pentagon senior official, and Nils Gilman, a former vice chancellor of the University of California, Berkeley and historian at the Berggruen Institute. Other members of the Transition Integrity Project include: Michael Steele, a former chair of the Republican National CommitteeJohn Podesta, former White House Chief of Staff to former President of the United States Bill Clinton; former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm, former Kentucky Secretary of State Trey Grayson, former Democratic National Committee Acting Chair Donna Brazile, and journalists William KristolEdward LuceMax Boot and David Frum

Wikipedia also reported that the following scenarios were war-gamed:

  1. Game One: Ambiguous. The first game investigated a scenario in which the outcome of the election remained unclear from election night and throughout gameplay. The results from three states are in contention and ballots are destroyed in one of the states, making it unclear who should have won that state. Neither campaign is willing to concede.
  2. Game Two: Clear Biden Victory. Biden wins both the Electoral College and the popular vote. Trump alleges fraud and takes steps to benefit himself and his family but ultimately hands the White House over to Biden.
  3. Game Three: Clear Trump Win. The third scenario started with an Electoral College victory for President Trump (286 to 252), but a popular vote win (52% to 47%) for former Vice President Biden. In this scenario Biden refused to concede, convinced the Democratic governors of two states that Trump won to send separate slates of electors to the Electoral College, encouraged three states to threaten secession and convinced the House of Representatives to refuse to certify the election and declare Biden the victor.
  4. Game Four: Narrow Biden Win. The final scenario explored a narrow Biden win where he leads with less than 1% of the popular vote and has a slim lead at 278 electoral votes. The Trump campaign sows chaos but Senate Republicans and the Joint Chiefs of Staff eventually signal that they accept Biden’s win. Trump refuses to leave and is removed by the Secret Service.

In August 2020, TIP released a report outlining its findings and recommendations. The report stated, “We […] assess that the [sic] President Trump is likely to contest the result by both legal and extra-legal means, in an attempt to hold onto power. Recent events, including the President’s own unwillingness to commit to abiding by the results of the election, the Attorney General’s embrace of the President’s groundless electoral fraud claims, and the unprecedented deployment of federal agents to put down leftwing protests, underscore the extreme lengths to which President Trump may be willing to go in order to stay in office.” The report’s intention was to inspire the necessary changes to ensure a fair election in 2020. “These risks can be mitigated; the worst outcomes of the exercises are far from a certainty. The purpose of this report is not to frighten, but to spur all stakeholders to action.”

Adding to the TIP war-gaming Former Secretary of State John Kerry participated this June 18-19 at the Alliance of Democracy panel in Copenhagen. The event was called the Democracy Summit. During the meeting Kerry was reported to have said,

“If people don’t have adequate access to the ballot, I mean that’s the stuff on which revolutions are built. If you begin to deny people the capacity of your democracy to work, even the Founding Fathers wrote in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, we have an inherent right to challenge that. And I’m worried that increasingly, people are disaffected.”

Remember, Kerry was instrumental in the color revolution of many countries while Secretary of State like, Bahrain (Pearl Revolution), Russia (Snow Revolution), Macedonia (Colorful Revolution), and Armenia (Velvet Revolution) to name just a few. How were this revolutions accomplished?

To set the stage let us look at the Seven Pillars of a Color Revolution.

1) A semi-autocratic rather than fully autocratic regime,

2) An unpopular incumbent,

3) A united and organized opposition,

4) An ability quickly to drive home the point that voting results were falsified,

5) Enough independent media to inform citizens about the falsified vote,

6) A political opposition capable of mobilizing tens of thousands or more demonstrators to protest electoral fraud, and

7) Divisions among the regime’s coercive forces.

Do these steps sound familiar?

If you like Glenn Beck or not is irrelevant at this point. Below is an old style ‘chalk board’ type report from him, not unlike what we saw on FoxNews Monday through Friday every night at 1700 hrs ET a decade ago. It is totally worth your time to watch then ponder on. Hopefully act on too. It looks like the chickens have come home to roost in our own country.

If you like the Beck video and would like to share it with family and friends, I suggest you download it as I suspect it will not be up much longer.

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