Thank you Andy Ngô for your on the spot reporting.

A scene since the shooting of Reinoehl in Portland Oregon.

Some Antifa graffiti in front of the Kelly Penumbra police building.

It has been reported this evening that the Portland Oregon fatal shooting of Aaron Danielson, by suspect Michael Reinoehl, was killed this evening (Thursday September 3, 2020) by police while attempting to arrest him in Lacey Washington.

An arrest warrant was issued after Vice News published an interview with Reinoehl earlier this evening. American Partisan does not know all of the details of the death of Reinoehl but will follow up when more information is released.

Here is a video put out by Daniel Malice, which shares some background of the incident.

More to be reported on this subject by American Partisan as information is released. I suspect it will be a frosty Labor Day Holiday weekend.

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