Patriotman Note: Publius brings up some uncomfortable truths in this post that many on the Right don’t want to face up to (coughcough picking up trash in Richmond coughcough)

Questioning the Unpreparedness of Patriots

Watch any video of from the “Summer of Riots” in America and you will hear, albeit sometimes faint, the pounding of the War Drums.  To my ears the percussive rhythms’ being played are of the drum-line tradition, and appear to not follow any traditional military song.  Actually the sounds emanating from the Rev/Comm riots sound like a cross between wanna-be Hip-Hop drumming crossed with street bucket drummers.  Yet as I watch and listen to the madness, I can’t help to wonder why the Rev/Comm’s have their War Drums pounding and Patriots do not?  Should Patriots taking to the streets in large groups also have coordinated War Drums?

To answer that question, we should begin with a brief history of the War Drum.  Drums have appeared alongside humans since pre-historic times.  We have used them as a musical instrument as well as communication tools. Dominant Military forces have historically played significant roles in advancing innovation by adopting the latest tools, strategies and weaponry.  War Drums were one of these tools.  Drums delivered important communication to large groups of trained fighters, kept formation properly in line marching, and provided moral boosts to soldiers.   On the contrary, drums were also employed to demoralize enemies.  Advancing armies often started the pounding of the War Drums miles before their approach to the battlefield.  The effect of hearing the opponent long before you see them was often noted as a technique that induced fear into the ranks.

Back to our current situation.  Do the drums being played during Rev/Comm riots have any tactical purpose?  Are they using drums as covert communications?  Of the video’s I have watched, the drums seem to stop and start playing in coordination with the movement of the mob.  It is my belief that by implementing drums to their marches through the suburbs, there is an effect of uncertainty and fear being induced in the psyche of the residents.

Do Patriots need our own War Drums?  It seems to me that the groups of Americans who counter protest the Rev/Comms are more inclined to use their “toys” to make noises.  Does a boat parade have any effect on the Rev/Comms psyche?  How about revving motorcycle and truck engines?  My favorite was the golf cart parade.  Nothing induces fear into your enemy like a bunch of tricked-out golf carts proudly displaying MAGA flags!

In closing, the Rev/Comm’s have showed their hand. There is little doubt that we are in a war, even if one side will not admit it.  They have openly showed many of their tactics.  Can we not use this intel to combat them?  Should we match them by employing proven tactics?  Do we need our own War Drums?