I liked JohnnyMac’s recent reference to conversations around a campfire at G-camp. I’ve had many of those over the past year, and this whole idea of romance has come up at some of them. The line above is from Song of Solomon (worthy of another article just by itself!). The Shulamite’s lover is a military man it seems, accompanied by sixty valiant men, who all holds swords, and are experts in war. Every man has a sword ON his thigh because of fear in the night. Does that sound like our current times? Don’t miss that this man and woman are still amorous even in dire social times. We, the G-force, are warriors coming out of smoke and into your world (campfire smoke, cigar smoke, signaling smoke)!

Most trigger-pullers I know are men. As leaders of our households and jobs we have huge pressures on us EVEN IN GOOD TIMES. Some of you girlfriends and spouses are absolutely supportive and WE APPRECIATE YOU. You encourage us and help us do the preparation we need to, whether it’s buying things or going to training, etc. We are fighting for hearth and home, for you and our kids, or for others’ families. We love you and want to give you the attention and respect you deserve. We do have added distractions right now. Bear with us. Some of you warriors are women and we salute you and need you.

The REAL societal evils we must today face should never have been here. I believe there is always an ultimate spiritual cause, but, in any case, we are having to deal with increasing chaos now in our Areas of Operation and Areas of Influence. Help us find moments of peace and contentment with you our significant others. Behold you are fair my love…

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