Armenia and Azerbaijan
The conflict in the Balkans is intensifying with now dozens reportedly killed and hundreds wounded. Though, I suspect those numbers are very conservative. With widespread use of heavy artillery, Grad missile launchers, drones and aviation assets, there is no indications of the the conflict easing off any time soon. It’s been reported that a strike on an Armenian city was conducted with cluster bombs, on a civilian neighborhood. With Turkey backing Azerbaijan, a majority Muslim nation, in the fight against Armenia, a majority Christian nation, this is another round of one of the oldest wars in history. Azerbaijan moved on the  Nagorno-Karabakh breakaway district that is majority Christian and recognized by Armenia, though no other nation does recognize it. This is what the war is over, control of the  Nagorno-Karabakh area and where the majority of the fighting is taking place. Though it is spreading deeper into both countries. And while the media reports the US is not involved, we do have a “significant presence” in Armenia. This is a real concern as Turkey, a NATO ally (though probably not for much longer), is backing the other side. Keep an eye on this conflict as it could broaden. The Balkans are notoriously unstable and with Russia and Turkey both actively interfering in the region, the prospects are not good.
Recent events

03 October: Unsilent Majority march (Washington, D.C.) The event predicted 8k supporters. MSM is reporting less than a thousand showed up, however, photos taken sure look like a lot more than 1K. This was a pro-Trump event with participants in full patriotic dress and waving flags. Much different than other events over the weekend.
03 October: Fists Up, Fight Back (Philadelphia, PA) This event was organized in supposed support of Taylor or Louisville. Despite the fact that the Grand Jury only returned a limited indictment and no murder indictments. The evidence showed the truth was very contrary to the narrative. However, facts are never used by the Marxists. Over the weekend in Phili the protestors blocked I-95 at one point before moving off. They marched through downtown and shouted at diners, some raising their fists in support and some even chanting in support. One of the organizers stated that since they didn’t get justice for Taylor, they were going to “Tear it down, this is us tearing it down.” If that event is them tearing it down, the 100 or so who attended and the actions they committed were very limited and far from a major incident, we don’t have much to worry about, yet.
03 October: Shut it Down Protest (New York City, NY) Cannot find anything on this online
03 October: Protest Against State Repression (Atlanta, GA) Only info on line for this event was one photo with a timestamp of 5 pm Saturday that showed a street crowded with protestors bearing signs. However, I couldn’t find any other information online.
03 October: Trump/Pence Out Now (Antifa) (Tulsa, OK) No online updates
03 October: Black Gunz Formation (Lafayette, LA) Approximately 400 members of NFAC organized in Lafayette and peacefully marched through the city. Four blocks from where the group was organizing, prior to the march, a shot fired and one person, a Lafayette resident, was arrested for public discharge of a weapon and felon in possession of a weapon. About 200 supporters marched behind the group. Some takeaways, first, weapons handling is still an issue with this group. In video I saw numerous instances of poor weapons handling. Also, the group has no standardization. While they may all wear black, they carry every sort of firearm under the sun. This could make it very difficult for them if it ever came to real fight. While many of them had slings on their weapons, most didn’t utilize them, instead just holding the weapon, many times with the muzzle pointed at themselves. Second, they have advanced their comms equipment. I saw what looked like a Motorola DTR 700. This is an advanced frequency hoping radio and requires someone with some technical skills to sync the radios. Lastly, I noticed more hydration systems on various members and others pulling coolers along to provide water. In one shot, I saw a large, out of shape male carrying a soft armor draped over his arm. Assumingly he removed it due to the heat. While they are still laughable to many, the fact they would muster 400 armed individuals in a powerful force. Interestingly, their supposed leader, Jay, was carrying a California legal version of an AR, i found that interesting.
03 October: End the Police (Antifa) (Seattle, WA) In what has, sadly, become normal for Seattle, the protest over the weekend were accompanied by violence and destruction. Sixteen people were arrested during the protest.
Upcoming Event Calendar
06 October: National Night Out for Safety & Liberation (BLM) (Minneapolis, MN)
09 October: We Will Not Go Quietly (BLM) (Bedford, PA)
31 October: The Modern Revolution (Insurgence USA) (Salt Lake City, UT)

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