I found myself in an interesting discussion the other day with a friend that revolved around knives. Specifically, what is legal and what is not. Are knives legal to be concealed or not, et cetera. Well the discussion got me searching the interwize on this issue to find out what my states statute was.

There are several sites that you can go to check your states laws on the subject and you can well suspect there are fifty different statutes out there.

Here are my home states of Pennsylvania’s abridged law on the subject as posted by SHTFblog.com,

It is legal to own bowies, balisongs, penknives, disguised knives, and any kind of hunting knife. The “curio exception” in PA states that you can technically own any knife you want, but you have to make a very good argument for your purpose in owning the knife, and that can be difficult to do.

It is legal to open or conceal carry any type of hunting knife, or any knife that does not open automatically and has a lawful purpose. You cannot carry any knife that is a prohibited offensive weapon, and you cannot carry any knife onto school grounds or courthouse buildings. Blades which are brought into position by a switch, push-button, spring mechanism, or otherwise are considered restricted knives. You can legally own just about any knife provided you can convince a police officer or judge that you own it for common lawful purposes, such as camping, hunting, or fishing.

Although the SHTFBlog.com is good it is not very specific so here is a more detailed interactive map you can use put together by The Outdoor Magazine.

Click this picture to use interactive map by state

With things about to get spicy out there, it is good to know what you can legally do in or out of your state. Get educated!

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