In a predictable move, the media is gaslighting the likelihood of violence, post-election. No, not from the very same Leftists burning down cities and declaring themselves in open insurrection…oh no. Its coming from you, Right Winger, clutching your God, Guns and Religion, as we’re so told. That’s right. The Civil War coming as a result arrogant and useless ivory tower dwellers, power-drunk Flag Officers having grown too close to their profits and too far from their Countrymen, and an Intelligence Community run amok using their undergrad proxies as cannon fodder is your fault.

I was sent a rather uninteresting interview by a reader earlier done by the University of Tennessee’s public radio station. A so-called foreign war correspondent has been studying the leadup to this year’s election and provided commentary.  According to him, the Oathkeepers are among the central groups in coordinating a post election boogaloo beatdown:

Some pro-Trump, far-right militants are preparing for the possibility of civil war. My guest Mike Giglio writes about one such militant group, the Oath Keepers, that he says has tapped into a deep current of anxiety that could cause a surprisingly large contingent of people with real police and military experience to consider armed, political violence. Giglio got access to a leaked database of the Oath Keepers membership from 2009 to 2015.

How about that.

Now in the interest of fairness, he goes on to say that they don’t plan on starting it, even though the entire interview is framed to look that way, but rather they’re concerned with mass violence coming from the Left. And while they pay very minor diligence to this reality, they then return to the idea that the Oathkeepers are somehow “Trump’s militia”.

Oh my.

While the Left is busy burning down the nation and openly stating their goals, which include mass murder to get their way, these two clowns are discussing how the Oathkeepers are going to trigger a Civil War with ‘conservative rhetoric’.

This is not isolated, however. Other outlets are using the same bullshit lines, such as this linked report from ACLED’s MilitaWatch and this dumpster fire from none other than the Council on Foreign Relations. This of course purposefully omits the very real threats Left wing groups have acted upon and promise, post-election, should the results not suit them.

In a nation where the rule of law is apparently in name only, and with such blatant disregard for the real world damage their own policies have caused the real working class of America, do they really expect us to simply accept their claims with open arms?

No, this ain’t 1994, and no, we don’t even see you as our countrymen anymore. Nor should we.

There will be violence after this election and likely on the day of- there is a major coordinated effort to appeal to a mass base inciting violence. Watch any media outlet for more than five minutes and you’ll be treated to commercials about Black Lives Matter, ‘voting for your life’, and ‘getting out the vote’ (which is universally a scam). It is a very successful psychological warfare campaign which will not end well- working just as designed.