The woman who everyone thought would never see 2021 just might. While the defense is undoubtedly pinning their hopes on a friendly Biden presidency and improved chances after January, the US 2nd Court of Appeals confirmed the 2016 deposition could be unsealed. The purpose here is to provide evidence that she lied under oath, perjury being one of the charges that she faces in addition to enticing minors to perform illegal sex act and transporting minors to perform illegal sex acts. The deposition is fascinating (for me), but it is worth the read even if you don’t enjoy reading the transcript of a well-prepared client making the prosecution restate a question for the sixth time.

Some of the interesting take aways from the deposition. First, the prosecution asked strange questions about Mr. Epstein’s relationship with several government agencies and the nature of his relationship, if any, with the US government. It would be apropos to query about his relationship with Bill Clinton, but the broader questions seem strange. Second, the redactions can be reverse engineered. The index in the back of the depositions has an alphabetical list of words, and some are redacted. Yet their appearances in the document are not all redacted. Therefore if I see Clinton and it is on page 135 and unredacted…I know that the redacted word that appears on page 135 and starts with CL is almost certainly Clinton. Credit goes to Slate for that pro tip. The redacted names list so far is unsurprising. Prince Andrews, Alan Dershowitz, Kevin Spacey, Bill Clinton and others grace the pages. I encourage you to read it and get a little better understanding of the peculiar proclivities of your betters. I realize that no sane person would ever think people in positions of power in the United States of America would ever use said wealth and power to abuse children or say, spy on opposing candidates or run a going-on-four-years coup against said opposing candidate, but then there’s your lying eyes. Honk, honk!


Full Ghislaine Maxwell Deposition Here