Category: Jesse James

Ashes: An Introduction to Cigars

If I didn’t light one while killing communists, I wouldn’t have time to smoke at all. A seeming endless array of purple haired freaks just couldn’t stop dying for their cause. Ashes to ashes, from Marx to dust....

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Authority and Consent of the Governed – Part I

Authority is a strange thing, the more one has the larger the sword of Damocles looms. Oft times those men with a ‘lean and hungry look’ as Cassius was so aptly described, consider the throne and not the concomitant blade hanging above their bare head. Where does it come from? How does it work? For such a foundational principle of Western society and political thought, it is never discussed. I doubt most can articulate anything past the usual tripe of ‘consent of the governed’ and ‘we the people.’

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