Saudi Arabia reserves the right to arm itself with nuclear weapons if regional rival Iran cannot be stopped from making one, the kingdom’s minister of state for foreign affairs has said…

“It’s definitely an option,” Adel al-Jubeir told the DPA news agency in a recent interview…

“We believe the Iranians have only responded to pressure,” said al-Jubeir.

Asked what changes he anticipates could come once President-elect Joe Biden takes charge in January, he said: “We will have to see.”

Biden has promised to return to the nuclear deal but has said he will seek to put pressure on Iran’s regional activities and missile programmes, among other things.

Saudi minister says nuclear armament against Iran ‘an option’

Assuming the Biden/Harris ticket is illegitimately installed as POTUS and VPOTUS, the hawks have already begun beating the war drums to ensure the petrochemical hegemony of the Saudi kingdom. While it is yet unknown how much money it cost the royal family to buy the Biden criminal syndicate or whether the crack shipped to Hunter Biden was given as a lump some or monthly installments, the gaslighting for an Iranian War has already begun. The esteemed gentlemen at Stratfor and John Bolton’s mustache are incredibly optimistic about the choice, Biden finds four letter words much easier to remember. The citizens of Azerbaijan are also optimistic about their chances for (oil) liberation-by-JDAM, given the fact that Joe Biden can’t remember which dog, or descendant, is living or passed and saying that many letters is hard.

In all seriousness, the Saudis have become more and more central to US Middle Eastern policy goals since the start of the Bush administration. Russia’s regional centerpiece is Iran, and additionally a more nuanced view offers ample evidence that nationalistic countries seem to all wind up on the ‘terrorist supporter’ hit list. The Assad regime is a recent example of the US empire’s response to countries that find themselves at cross-purposes with Saudi/US regional goals. It takes little imagination for one to envision a Gulf of Tonkin or */** incident to provide the casus belli to attempt a social reunification and economic stimulus by rushing headlong into a war.

While I am not an apologist for the Iran regime and am certainly no military strategist, I struggle to see a way to invade the country without significant losses of manpower, materials and substantial geopolitical consequences. Despite that, the country could well feel the consequences of electing a puppet with little to no knowledge about who’s hand is operating it. Not that Bush and Obama were not puppets, but that generally both had enough sense to realize there was more to gain by keeping the scam alive rather than burning the country down for the insurance money. Joe Biden possesses no such sense, namely because the man is a dementia-ridden sycophant who has never met a war he didn’t like. While none of this is set in stone it is worth paying attention to the increased sabre-rattling and hinting the Saudis are doing. What better way to get rid of the fighting-age males, specifically the conservative and traditional American ones, than another bloody foreign war?