More than four dozen men who set out in motorboats on the first day of May from Colombia as part of a botched coup known as Operation Gideon, a doomed attempt at ousting Venezuelan strongman Nicolás Maduro, were betrayed by five companions who sold the exact landing coordinates shortly before departure, says a high-ranking insurgent…

The Maduro regime knew precisely where the first boat would arrive and soldiers were waiting for the would-be liberators as they attempted their landing, said the man who goes by the nom de guerre Cacique, noting the mission had been compromised…

An article published by The Associated Press hours before the launch had warned the world of an impending coup attempt by former soldiers from the Venezuelan military, trained by associates of former Green Beret Jordan Goudreau and his company, Silvercorp USA.

The invaders, a rag-tag collection of deserters and political opponents of Maduro, still believed they could succeed. They trusted that the regime didn’t know exactly where in Venezuela they would enter and when, and they were convinced that Venezuelans would rise up in support, Goudreau and Cacique both said…

Opposition lawmaker Wilmer Azuaje investigated the events for a human rights violation case introduced to the International Criminal Court in the Hague. He argues the 11 men were captured alive, but six, including Pantera, were executed by regime forces.

“They captured all of them alive and then to fabricate a ‘false positive’ [a fictitious confrontation], they massacred all those people,” the opposition lawmaker told the Miami Herald and McClatchy on Monday. “They were captured. They were disarmed. They were tortured, and then they were taken to the site, and shot to simulate a confrontation” that never took place.

Azuaje makes the claims based on the forensic reports written by the regime’s own National Investigative Police, which point to inconsistencies in Maduro’s version of the events. For example, the autopsy reports show that some of the victims had friction burns in their buttocks caused possibly by being dragged naked on the sand while they were still alive. Most of the victims had execution-style wounds, some of which were inflicted with two quick shots at very close range, leaving traces of gunpowder on the bodies.

The report, submitted by Azuaje as evidence to the international court on Oct. 13, said the bodies show still other signs of torture such as hard blows and strangulation.

Evidence also suggests that some of the invaders were executed at one site and placed hours later at another location, he said, noting the coagulated blood did not correspond to the position in which the bodies were later found. Additionally, photos don’t show weapons near the bodies, he said…

Venezuelan insurgent describes how betrayal in ranks produced failure, summary executions

Read between the lines and think about what actually happened in the above story. Flesh it out and imagine it’s your body being dragged across the sand with your buddies, the salt mixed with the penny-taste of blood and the air thick with the stench of fear. Things have gone so bad you not only are going to get the direct action guys tickets to the worst/last day of their lives, you are going to get the support guys and possibly your families killed. The guys in Venezuela had the benefit of their families being across sovereign borders and no one in Venezuela willing to go to the lengths Mossad did after the Munich Olympics. Your family and friends do not enjoy that same privilege.

I found this interesting because it illustrates the foolishness of trusting people with unnecessary things. Virtually no one needed to know where that boat was landing. Yet people did, enough people that one of them turned in the would-be guerillas for money. It is a difficult thing for many people to do, most of us are naturally trusting once we establish sufficient rapport with a person and find commonality with them. The real-world results of mistakes are shown, particularly when you are playing the very dangerous game of regime change. Take it to heart and understand that the people saying stupid things publicly and posting on social media are the kind of people who cause this end result. Serious games come with serious consequences, and the people who do not understand that will get you, your friends or your family killed. We all know people who LARP at this counterrevolutionary thing, and who simply cannot keep their mouth shut about anything. People like me see a deep-seated need for validation and a lever upon which to tug. Don’t be that guys. To quote Robert Di Nero in Ronin, ‘if there is any doubt, there is no doubt.’

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