It has been an interesting couple of weeks since the Election. While we see the world stretch out its authoritarian hand and attempt to crush us peons by destroying our ability to assemble for the holidays, I encourage you to disregard that and march on with your plans. They want to break the bonds of our people – the bonds that connect us and make us have strong unity within the family and our communities. They want us to become their decentralized “Brownshirts” that will tattle on our neighbors who are guilty of Government Wrongthink. They are still terrified of nationalistic populism, and if you don’t believe me, then believe John Kerry (the article is under the Great Reset section). I highly encourage you all to read those links on the Great Reset before Thanksgiving so that you can both discuss it with your loved ones and simultaneously realize how thankful we all should be for the life we have right now because, if the great leaders of darkness have their way, the beacon by which we light our life will grow ever more dim by the day.

The storm is coming. They want nothing more than a terrified and obedient populace so that they can control us. These days in the former United States of America, we have lost two cornerstones of our Republic – living within the Rule of Law, and Free and Fair Elections. We see that there are dual justice systems – one for the powerful, who can do a whole host of horrible things and escape prosecution, while we go to jail and suffer for the daring actions of walking into a store without a mask on (apparently if you are the Governor of California, those rules do not apply). We see that if the people with their hands on the levers of power do not like the election results, they will use their handpicked Mainstream Media and the army of bureaucrats in DC to hamper the administration until they can lie, cheat and steal the following election without so much as a peep from their enablers in the MSM. As some of the other articles are hinting at, we may soon be at the “Mark of the Beast” moment from revelations with those not having a vaccine deemed unable to participate in society or travel. The “benevolent” leader of China hinted the most direct at this by suggesting a global tracking system using QR codes. They want to know all of your financial moves and track every dollar to make sure the government beast stays fat, fed and happy with tax revenue. There have even been suggestions of embedded RFID chips to be used for payments and health history, which they are conditioning us to accept by making cash less desirable during the pandemic and pushing touchless pay (how much of a stretch is it to convince the population to go from waving the card in their hand to just their hand?)

We have, as a wise brother-in-arms has posited, reached the climax of the Fourth Turning. Everyone needs to be doing their part, because – as another wise brother-in arms has pointed out – these are the consequences of failure. So, after the holidays, you should be aiming to get training by yet a third wise brother-in-arms.

There are dark times ahead. Take this holiday season as an opportunity to enjoy your time with your loved ones. Continue to strengthen your community ties. Eat, drink, and be merry. It is, as Gandalf once said, it is the “deep breath before the plunge“. Then, get back on that grind.

Happy Thanksgiving all!

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