As we all begin to slowly become glued to the charts and graphs and guessing while election results begin to trickle in this evening, consider the following. Will the MAGA movement suddenly cease if Trump loses tomorrow? While it is entirely possible Donald Trump will not win reelection, the question the left is going to have to grapple with is governing a country in which you hate a sizable portion of the population…and they hate you back. What is the fate of the MAGA movement in a potential post-Trump world? Similarly the 2016 election entirely shifted the traditional battleground states to the northern Midwest, and mid-Atlantic. That shift is representative of the shift within the GOP base. Trump brought people into the campaign, but did not bring them into the GOP. The real issue is when the GOP inevitably turns on Trump if he loses, where do his supporters go? The GOP could very well teeter on the edge of imploding if Trump leaves or condemns the party.



Keith Olbermann suggested genocide of the conservative half of the US population, but I’m sure he was reprimanded by his handlers for that. The adults in the room have to realize in the Harris campaign that they handed the right a playbook for the next 4 years. The first thing and most important objective that must be accomplished is the illegitimacy of the existing power structure. The left immediately went from election mode into the #notmypresident and #resist. The MAGA crowd will be the single largest unrepresented minority in the country. Twenty-first century chattel slaves, required to keep the economy moving but only for the benefit of the two groups that hate them. We would do well to capitalize on this and continue to highlight the lack of representation and repression of their views. The cultural and social victories that can be made will go much further toward creating a cohesive and dangerous entity than the catharsis of voting and rubbing the left’s face in it. See the Trump Slump of ammo, firearms and in general any useful behavior by the right until 2018. Voting solves nothing, but losing can be used as an impetus for positive change and action.

The issue the both major parties will need to address is dealing with a rather large group of people they do not understand, and yet can exert enormous control over certain areas of the country. The left will pack the court and distort even the laughable voting system we have now to deny the unwashed masses of traditional Americans any future chances of embarrassing them like they were in 2016. The GOP will be faced with the unenviable task of attempting to dog whistle in certain states (TX, OK, SD, AL, MS etc.) to maintain even a portion of the Senate and House while racing to out-left the DNC on the coasts. It will, however, not be a viable national party. Both of these responses further push a process that is already happening. MAGA is now an identity, particularly after undergoing four years of screeching, threats, riots, arson, looting, wrongful terminations, vandalism, assault and murder. The benefit of the violence and vitriol is that it has begun to consolidate mere voters from a political movement and create a cultural one. If for that and nothing else, the president should be commended. The people who supported Trump are not going away and the concomitant violence that will begin after January is nothing but a giant recruiting campaign for the right. If Joe Normie is to be radicalized, he must lose faith in the current system. Whoever wins, tonight will be instrumental in that realization. In a sane world, we would be having an Article 5 convention, and not an election tonight. We are not because our leaders have failed us, and for that they are in part responsible for what is quickly becoming an inevitability. Good luck and godspeed to us all.

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