It looks like the FBI is earning their tax dollar-funded paychecks.

If the plot to kidnap Michigan Governor Whitmer wasn’t stupid enough, its taken an even more idiotic (but predictable) turn in yet another so-called swing state with a sitting, high-profile and hideously unlikable Governor, Son-of-Virgina Ralph Northam.

“The understanding at the time was to potentially kidnap a sitting governor and remove them from office,” he added.

The FBI obtained this information during a June 6 meeting in Dublin, Ohio. A person who attended the meeting came forward to authorities “based on concerns (over) some of the directions that the group was headed and potential violence.”

Yeah, ok. And I’m sure the person (snitch) who so patriotically stepped forward was a regular Moral Orel. More likely he was the person instigating the conversation only to record it and hand it on over. It was his duty, after all. But wait…wait…it gets better:

The FBI became aware of the scheme, first reported by The Detroit News, in early 2020 through a social media group, according to the federal criminal complaint.

Ah yes, social media. Because if I set my online-only group to private then it must be, yes? And these people telling me what I want to hear are obviously on my side and would never do anything to get me rolled up, right?

It is yet again a rather vibrant illustration that if you’re in a group of people you don’t actually know in person, and that means knowing their weaknesses and how they may be exploited, and who are quick to talk but short on anything else, speaking like idiots, you’re going to find yourself getting framed up at politically convenient times. And that’s putting aside the fact that people who would speak about this stuff in mixed company would have absolutely no idea how to pull such a thing off. Use your head.

If there’s any doubt, there is no doubt.


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