…the Biden-Ukraine conspiracy theory was turbocharged this week after the New York Post published a widely discredited story purporting to show “smoking-gun” emails between Hunter Biden and a senior Burisma executive about setting up a meeting with Joe Biden when he was the vice president in 2015….

To the right-wing political sphere, the story was incontrovertible evidence that Trump was right about the Bidens. The president on Wednesday touted the “explosive documents published by a very fine newspaper” that showed “that Joe Biden has been blatantly lying about his involvement in his son’s corrupt business dealings.”

But to former intelligence operatives, Giuliani’s involvement in the Post’s story and Trump’s willingness to seize on it showed just how susceptible they are to being duped by hostile intelligence services…

“This is the most recent edition of what we’ve seen over four years now with the Trump administration,” Steve Hall, the former chief of Russia operations at the CIA, told Business Insider. He compared Giuliani to Michael Flynn, the former national security advisor who was one of Trump’s most active surrogates during the 2016 campaign…

Giuliani, (Glenn) Carle added, has “been stumbling around in Ukraine, which is Russian turf from an intelligence perspective.”

“In every way, Trump and Giuliani are grotesquely vulnerable, exploitable targets for Russian intelligence,” he said. “And any foreign intelligence service would be derelict if they did not try to exploit this.”

US spies say the Hunter Biden email controversy shows how ‘exploitable’ and ‘grotesquely vulnerable’ Trump and Giuliani are to Russian intelligence – Business Insider

The reaction of the state-approved media and the official commentariat have provided all the explanation required. You may now go back to your regularly scheduled sportsball. Steve Hall, an ex-CIA Station Chief being paid by CNN said you can. It is absolutely unthinkable, given the risible track record of senior management and the rampant corruption in nearly every TLA inside the beltway, you would believe otherwise. Glenn Carle is a prominent apologist for radical Islam, denies the concept of global terror and currently works for Al Jazeera. Top. Men. So while I’m sure most of you find the official narrative that it is indeed the Russians, for real this time, the overreaction is quite telling.

Joe Biden has not, to my knowledge, denied that the emails are fake. He stated they were a smear and offered no definitive statements as to the authenticity of them. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt he has been counseled to not make statements of a definitive nature, because either 1) they are indeed his emails or 2) the Biden campaign does not know if they are or not. Either option indicates that he is corrupt, if the emails being true is something that is within the realm of possibility it means there are things he has done to make them within the realm of possibility. Biden voters do not care that he is corrupt and do not care who made deals with Burisma or China. The actual questions are what else is on the hard drive besides emails? Who is on the emails and how old are they? A drug addict child is a huge security risk for a sitting president, but the question I have is how far does the pedophile problem extend in DC? Who is Joe and what exactly is he involved in that would warrant two of the largest companies on earth and the most influential media outlets in the history of mankind shutting a story down at the risk of financial ruin? Is this simply political unity in the face of fading election hopes or is it closing the ranks to prevent something far worse than some graft from coming out? We will likely never know, but keep an eye out for accidents to start. Because Russians…or something.

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