In the chaotic times, we often hear the term, WROL or Without Rule of Law. A term that preparedness minded individuals, future vigilantes, criminals and law abiding citizens are familiar with but have different ideas on the meaning. For the most part, it is the state of affairs where the law enforcement agencies are dealing with an overload of incidents from natural & man-made disasters to rioting and mass criminal activity. The law enforcement agencies cannot or will not respond to calls for service due to manpower shortages or an overload of calls for service or even the government becomes defunct. When these incidents occur, individuals, families and communities take it upon themselves to become the protector and defender because no one is coming to their calls for help.

    WROL can be weeks or years but never permanent because order will be restored by the original government or, in some cases, a foreign government will assume power. Either way, rule of law will return and restore the rule of law. When law is restored, there will be an effort to show the public that law has returned. When this happens, individuals, groups, etc will be answering to the perceived criminal activity they may have perpetrated. The foreign power or restored government will make an effort to prove this by bringing people to justice. The foreign power or restored government will need to do this in order to show the public that criminal activity will be punished and will not be tolerated.

    In order to stay on the right side of the law, an individual or group must not go out seeking revenge on an old grudge, looting, killing or other criminal activity just because they believe they can get by with it. WROL is temporary and you will be brought to justice.

    A person or group must act within the bounds of the laws which govern them even though no law enforcers are in place at the moment. The individual or group must be prepared to defend their actions to their community. The activity must be documented much like a law enforcement officer documents his or her actions. Being able to document their reasoning and actions are the minimum. This can be performed by writing an Operation Order or some form of incident report. You do not want to have to recall your actions by memory or hearsay. Proper use of force must also be documented when protecting yourself, your family or community. As history has shown us, vigilante justice is not tolerated on the world stage. A search of history books or internet has shown that you are not immune from a criminal trial just because there was no rule of law.

Joseph Kony of Uganda is still at large as a fugitive for the crimes he committed as a guerilla leader back in the 1980’s where he is accused of abducting children and turning them into sex slaves and soldiers, among other crimes.

Ratko Mladic “The Butcher of Bosnia” was arrested and stood trial in 2011 for crimes against humanity and genocide during the 1990’s.

Maria Kisito, a Benedictine nun was convicted to 12 years in prison for her role of supplying gasoline to the Rwandan militias in order to burn alive more then five hundred seeking refuge in a convent.

Milan Lukic, leader of a paramilitary group during the Bosnian War was convicted of crimes against humanity for the torture and murder of over one hundred men, women and children.

“Calm breeds calm, panic breeds panic”.
-Dan Crenshaw, Navy Seal


Holy Serf

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