Most are shocked when I explain, usually in painful detail, just how much data is collected on you on a daily basis. And while some may opt for the normal cop-out of ‘well, I just don’t care’, you have a very serious reason to do, indeed, care.

The world is a dangerous place. A hell of a lot more dangerous than you know. And its made much, much worse by the power brokers who just re-installed themselves.

You have no idea just what’s visible to a site administrator, especially one from a social media site (any of them and all of them). Militias and political militant groups that really only exist online will indeed find, in short order, that the very mechanisms which link them also make it very, very easy to track them. We did, after all, introduce these platforms to the MidEast not only to aid in destabilization but also to track the potential actors during the resultant crackdowns after the goals were achieved.

To make things worse, once an account is linked to a mobile device, its over- and if this can be done with civilian side programs, imagine what can be done by an agency with an unlimited budget and nominal legal constraint.

Social media and technology will play a critical role in the upcoming troubles, and you have to know how to mitigate yourself against it. Quit taking shortcuts. Real action happens in person and if you’re the one crying online that you can’t find people, you’re either blind or useless.