I started to notice changes over at FoxNews… oh about six-months ago. There were new commentators like Donna Brazil and others hired from the Clinton and Obama team to comment on the news.

Then it really hit home starting election night. They called Arizona for Biden with 5% of the state’s ballots counted. Then they did not call states like Texas and Florida even though they knew the results within 30 to 60-minutes of the polls closing.

Then the final straw came Monday during the Neil Cavuto show when he cut off the press secretary Kayleigh McEnany’s, press conference,

My degree is in journalism. Even worked for a few fish wrappers once out of college. Changed my profession after I was not making any money peddling the news. With that written, the fourth estate that use to be a group of folks that strives for truth no longer does.

I predict that the next to be phased out of FoxNews are some of the veteran commentators and programs like Tucker Carlson and others. Look what they did to O’ Reilly.

Today it is raining and it is time to take the reins and drop my cable service, save a shitton (Accounting term) of money and find a intewize live streaming service that has NewsMax and OAN along with MrsMac’s few favorite TV channels. I have a TV antenna so I can pick up the usual channels from the small city northwest of me and we will be golden. If we are Jonesing for The Five, we have a Sirius radio and channel 114 for that.

Tucker and other shows we like on FoxNews, well we can pick up on YouTube. Hannity I can take or leave so that will not be an issue.

There you go. We are cutting the cable. I wonder how many of you folks have done likewise already. See, you can teach old dog’s new tricks.

Freedom Through Self-Reliance


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