As a way to say express our gratitude for all the support our Patreon subscribers have shown, particularly in the last month, we are doing a live chat on November 4th. We will do a recap of the election, proffer some predictions and thoughts about what has happened in the last 24 hours and make ourselves available to take question from you.  If you are a current subscriber, we will send you a link and short instructions on how to join the chat. We here at AP value the input and thoughts of those who take the time to help us keep the lights on here and look forward to hearing from you!


WHEN: 1900-2100 EST Wednesday, November 4th, 2020


WHO: AP staff and Patreon Supporters


SAFETY BRIEFING: The usual caveats about adult behavior apply. Do not add to the population. Do not subtract from the population. Do not spam us or your fellow readers with articles, or asinine rants on your theory that most major cities in America are secretly run by packs of wild dogs. Do not post anything Anthony Weiner or Hunter Biden have, or have thought about, sending to people. Do not give out your personal information. Do not make overt threats or say the kind of things that wind up on depositions. Do not treat this as an opportunity to ask for the 1,298,474th time how to turn on a Baofeng, which Baofeng is the best, how to program a Baofeng or other questions better addressed via email, a trip to your closest search engine, or a comms class. To sum it all up, be an adult and think about what you say before you say it. You can and will get nuked off the chat if you cannot have a modicum of respect and decency for yourself and others.

Check your Patreon account messages for instructions on how to join. Those having questions or technical issues can shoot an email to [email protected]