SICKENING: All the GOP congressmen that won’t support a fair and free election.
I know my lane is Medical, but I can’t help but vent here for a minute.
I NEVER trusted this guy, nor did I trust Sen. McCain and his type. I almost got in a fistfight with one of my relatives about 7 or 8 years ago when I said McCain was no hero (I gave him credit for being a POW but his behavior was so bad when he got back to the Homeland that I think it negated any goodwill he had). Freakin’ rinos. What is Paul Rino doing at a Euro Banking Conference anyway? Get your rear end back to OUR COUNTRY and do something productive, loser!
Like a buddy of mine said today at work, “These weak politicians have gambled that it is better for them to support the Biden regime than back Trump. Also, they don’t have any [gonads].” Well said.
I am concerned that we are not going to be able to overcome the Lamestream Media on this one. Ughhh.
On a positive note, I was at the Brushbeater Alumni weekend and was encouraged by fellowshipping with many like-minded patriots and traditional Americans. A wonderful breath of fresh air (see my friend Patriotman’s AAR). Please try to attend SOMETHING this calendar year. You will meet the best people in the world. Many are veterans (thank you for your service) and bring so much rich content to the G-camp. The formal training time at Brushbeater’s is priceless, AS IS THE INFORMAL TIME around the table, etc. I learned so much about radio comms this weekend, from NCScout and other attendees. Thank you so much (you know who you are).
Take care guys. I am working on some new medical articles. Looks like we’re going to need them.
God bless…

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