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Dems Submit Bill That Would Ban 80% Lowers

While most people were watching the midterms and freaking out about the Dems taking the House, the other hand was doing this. Remember: always watch the other hand. Democrats in the House quietly put forward a ban on 80 percent...

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Ditch Medicine: Laceration Management

Deep lacerations that are complicated by the involvement of injuries to major arteries, tendons, nerves or abdominal cavity contents are not usually treatable in primitive conditions. For the rest, however, here’s how you handle them.

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Balkanization in the United States: Is it Coming?

The political, sociological, ethnic and racial trajectory in the US is eerily similar to that of the former Yugoslavia in many ways. In the coming years, this could even expand into the sphere of religion, though for now there doesn’t seem to be such widespread religious friction as much as there is racial/ethnic and political.

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Ditch Medicine: Sterilization

Sterilization may be one of the most critical parts of surviving some kind of disaster or other disruption event. It’s important to understand the methods available to you in a primitive situation, and prepare to have what you need on hand.

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Ditch Medicine: Making Insulin

A reader on one of our articles put a link in their comment that links to a 1926 medical journal article explaining how to produce insulin for use in diabetes management. It’s an excellent article, so we are bringing it to the forefront. 

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